Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Sin of a Family DVDRip 2011 Korea Movie

Detective Cho (Shin Hyeon-joon) is incompetent and always fails to be promoted. His only pleasures in life are spying on neighbors who are having affairs or binge drinking. One day, Cho comes across the corpse of what seems to be a child on a nearby mountain and he decides to investigate the case, thinking that this is his last chance to impress his boss. Cho enlists the help of his partner, Detective Lee, and together the two embark upon an investigation that will test their professional judgement. The more they learn about the case, the more they come to suspect that the poverty-stricken father of the dead child is their killer. But the case goes off course when the two begin to sympathize with him. With the number of child murders increasing every year in Korea, the film tackles a timely subject with compelling performances by actors including Shin and Jeon No-min, who is currently starring as a butler at a local conglomerate at MBC drama series “Royal Family.” It is the first film directed by filmmaker Min Byeong-jin and the first film produced by Shin, who has been active in film industry for the past two decades. Shin established a production company of his own last year and this crime drama is its first offering.

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